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Sad Woman



Lrye Bird

The lrye bird to me looked ugly, but can make some pretty funny sounds. The bird can make any sound he hears, and in the video he made alarm sounds like a security system. Our civilation is taking over the animals, so we can have more room for projects and living space, but what about the animals?

Assignment 4


I beleive girls shouldn’t be fake. Most girls are already beautiful, but ruin it by adding makeup to their faces. Makeup does nothing for you but make you look decent for a little while. Also models these days, are not even attractive, they are all way to skinny and have to act like they own the world.


Witches in Salem could of been anyone accused of it. Modern day witches believe in rituals and spells. Our culture now has been changed alot of the years, weve grown up and you don’t hear much of witches these days, back in the day thats all you heared. My view points on witches haven’t changed i never believed in them nor even cared about them.


Salem #3

The results couldve of went either way, it was either lie and say your witch or deny that you are. If you lied you could get away with it and be saved by the church or priest, if you denied you were sent on trial then hanged. I wouldn’t of done anything diffrenelty if i had to lie to receieve being saved by god, then why i should i not deny my innocents? The results came out as i figured, i was hanged.



this was by far one of the hardest exercises ive done. I only scored a 7/20 on the matching, but it didn’t help that i judged their ethnicity by their colors, or looks. This exercised showed me that its not all about peoples looks or colors, but its what you know about them. If  i went around judging people off of what i did for the exercise, i wouldnt ever know anything about them and i would most likley be wrong about what i think about them.

So this exercise taught me not to judge on the outside, but whats on the inside.


I have never used a blog before, i am sorta excited. I wouldn’t express myself over a blog fully, but in some ways i would. Bloging is new to me so i am willing to learn more. I think bloging will be a fun thing to learn.